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Juliusz Słowacki Theater

(450 m from the Mikolaj hotel)

The Theater was built between 1891-1893 where there used to be a Holy Ghost Church which was demolished in 1892. The building is maintained in eclectic style with dominating neo-Baroque elements. It was the first building in Krakow which had electric lighting. Initially, it was known as the "City Theater", only in 1909 it was named Juliusz Slowacki Theater. Large eclectic staircase leads to a foyer on the first floor. The stucco decorations were made by Alfred Putz. In the theater, there is Stanislaw Wyspianski's bust and monument project authored by Bronislaw Chromy, Karol Kruzer's bust and Jan Zawiejski's commemorating tablet. There are also busts of Polish theater artists: Aleksander Fredro, Jan Nepomucen Kaminski and Wojciech Boguslawski.

There is also the possibility of booking a trips to places like the Wieliczka Salt Mine or Auschwitz - Birkenau.

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